Successful businesses recognise that organisational performance and culture is intrinsically linked to the behaviour and performance of the individuals within the organisation.  

In today’s economic climate it is considered a critical business imperative to address human capital and invest in education and training of ‘the people’, to positively influence economic and social outcomes.

The foundation of a human capital approach must begin with building the cognitive capability and capacity of the individuals within your workforce.  This not only makes good intuitive sense but has been proven to pay off.

New insights emanating from the field of Neuroscience enable us to step back from traditional performance management systems and processes to adopt a scientific approach that focuses on the key drivers of human performance and the core principle of personal responsibility. 

Neuroscience allows us to explore the fundamental requirements of our brain to address the following questions;   

How is our performance impacted by our physiology and psychology?

How do interactions with others impact on us consciously and non-consciously?

How do we turn disillusionment and dissatisfaction into engagement and motivation?

How do we tap into all of our cognitive resources to achieve optimal performance at work?

Active Adrenalin Performance Coaching provide neuroscience-based strategies to help you achieve your goals.

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Integrating the science of human behaviour and neuroscience principles into your business practices builds a more connected, creative and collaborative workforce.  It revolutionises people management systems and provides the framework to elevate employee accountability, productivity and delivery.

Simply the world's most comprehensive neuroscience based, online, behaviour mapping instrument.  The PRISM  tool has been designed specifically to identify the behaviour preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance, enhancing self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

An innovative safety, performance management and health & wellness initiative designed to address specific challenges within the mining industry.  Surviving Mining delivers education programs based on the science of human behaviour to enhance productivity and safety competence.